$18,000 Diamond (Includes12 tickets)
$10,000 Ruby (Includes 10 tickets)
$5,000 Emerald (Includes 8 tickets)
$3,600 Sapphire (Includes 6 tickets)
$2,500 Pearl (Includes 5 tickets)
$1,800 Opal (Includes 4 tickets)
$1,000 Onyx (Includes 4 tickets)
$500 Amethyst (Includes 2 tickets)
$360 Topaz (Includes 2 tickets)
$180 Friend (Includes 1 ticket)

Join us on Monday, December 12th for a Night of Magic and Comedy benefitting YULA High School.  Celebrate with us as we recognize Chaya and Dr. Mark Horowitz for their outstanding leadership and partnership while simultaneously helping the future leaders of the Jewish community maximize their growth and potential.

Join us, partner with us, and help us support excellence in Jewish education by contributing to our Scholarship Fund.



We are incredibly excited to honor Chaya and Dr. Mark Horowitz at this year’s Night of Comedy and Magic.  As pillars of the community, Chaya and Mark are an example to everyone that knows them of what it truly means to care for the klal and to care for those around them.  In a humble and quiet way, they see a need in the community, and they fill it, without fanfare. Mark joined the YULA Girls board in 2019 and is currently a member of the YULA High School Board. Chaya and Mark have been actively involved in investing in YULA’s continued growth. 

Mark runs a vibrant dermatology practice and has been practicing medicine for the past 22 years.  

Neither Chaya and Mark had a religious upbringing, but after getting married were inspired to grow in their Yiddishkeit.  Thirteen years ago, they moved from their home in Manhattan Beach to Pico Robertson to raise their children in a religious community and have access to a great Torah and Secular education. 

Since Chaya and Mark did not receive a religious education, they are passionate about making sure Jewish education is accessible to all children, regardless of their financial situation. Most of their tzedaka & chesed occurs behind closed doors and directly impacts individuals across the community.  

In addition to their passionate support of Jewish education, Chaya and Mark are also involved in organizations that help American and Israeli Navy SEALs. 

Chaya and Mark have been married for 22 years and are proud parents of Levi, YULA alum Leah ‘21, and current YULA students Chana ’23, and Shayna ’25, Miriam ’26.

Please join us in honoring Dr. and Mrs. Horowitz and invest in the success of the future leaders of our community.